International Nonverbal Theatre Initiative

International Nonverbal Theatre Initiative

A Joint Project of the World-Wide Nonverbal Theatres.

International Nonverbal Theatre Initiative



International Nonverbal Theatre Initiative
International Nonverbal Theatre Initiative

International Nonverbal Theatre Initiative Network

Memorandum of Understanding


1. Form of the INTI - International Nonverbal Theatre Initiative network

The INTI network is an unincorporated network open to nonverbal theatres and networks of nonverbal theatric organizations subscribing to common principles and working for the development and partnership between all nonverbal theatres in all continents.

2. Commitment to common goal and common principles

Members of the INTI network are united by the common goal of promoting the adoption of policies that will support interact and growth of an open, affordable International Theatrical community which will promote main goal of cultural human development. INTI members subscribe to the common principles defined in Annex 1. Those principles include openness, transparency, and support intercultural development of the nonverbal theatric community. Within the framework of the common goal and principles, INTI members set priorities locally.

3. Nature of activities

INTI members work cooperatively with civil society, government, parliaments, academia and business to educate public in cultural heritage of each country and global community by using nonverbal way of communication with the audience on the stage , organize cultural festivals , coalitions, and build informed consensus among all nonverbal theatres in the world. INTI members provide promotion to other members with in the INTI network. Provide links to the other websites of the theatre members of INTI , on the main website of the INTI guide and other resource materials about the culture of each country member of INTI , and otherwise assist International theatric policymakers and civil society in achieving the information about theatres working in this genre and members of the INTI . Within the context of partners and consultation and unbiased analysis of the theatric plans and for the organizing festivals and other cultural events, each INTI member sets its own agenda. INTI members will endeavor to engage in joint projects.

4. Sharing information and reporting activities

Members of the INTI network operate in a transparent matter. INTI members share information and resource material via the INTI email list and through the INTI website, http://www. INTI .com Each INTI member is expected to report on its activities and future plans by means of short reports submitted to the INTI list which will be available on the website.

5. Membership

Members of the global INTI network may include non-verbal theatre companies or networks of non-verbal theatres, and organizations that wish to advance non-verbal theatre and international cooperation by sponsoring performances, workshops, or other activities promoting non-verbal theatre. Members must adhere to the INTI principles, and must be a signatory to this MOU. INTI members may propose new members for the network with a brief description of who they are and what they do posted to the INTI email list. Proposed new members will be accepted as INTI members unless 60% of current members object on the ground that the organization is not a non-verbal entity or does not adhere to the INTI principles.

INTI members may use the name “International Nonverbal Theatre Initiative” or the initials INTI but are not required to do so. The name “ International Nonverbal Theatre Initiative ” and the initials INTI may be used only by entities that adhere to the INTI principles and that sign this MOU. Members of the INTI network may operate projects identifying themselves as INTI members only within their permanent jurisdiction of residence.

Each INTI member is responsible only for its own activities. Membership in the INTI network or use of the INTI name does not impose responsibility for the activities of other members nor does it confer the right to speak on behalf of the network or its members.