International Nonverbal Theatre Initiative
A Joint Project of the World-Wide nonverbal theatres.



The INTI network is an unincorporated network open to nonverbal theatres and networks of nonverbal theatric organizations subscribing to common principles and working for the development and partnership between all nonverbal theatres in all continents.

Foreground initiator

Global Management & Artistic Coordination's

Rishat Valitov Executive Director
Rishat R. Valitov

Jef Johnson Artistic Coordinator
Jef Johnson

"New York Institute for Clown and Physical Theatre" (USA)

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CTC Entertainment Television Network
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International Joint Project

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James Karns Associate Director
James J. "Jim" Karns

Shkidy theatre
USA tour Executive Producer
Phone: +1(407) 234-7556
             +1(866) 376-9245

Discover the poignant beauty, vibrant energy, beautiful stories, and remarkable telling in Starry Stories by Internationally acclaimed Theatre Shkidy from Saint-Petersburg Russia .

Theatre Shkidy

Nonverbal drama theatre from Saint-Petersburg, Zelenogorsk, Russia


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